Frequency distribution (%)
Not at all likely13
Very likely33

EXPILL: Expectation: Close people take care when ill

Question text: Using this CARD, where '1' means Not at all likely and '10' means Very likely, please tell me, how much likely is it for you to receive some help from your close relatives, friends, and neighbours in the following matters: Close people take care when ill

Note: The scale was changed from 10-point into 5-point

  • Not at all likely
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • Very likely
  • DK
  • RA

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Caucasus Barometer 2012 Armenia

Caucasus Barometer is the annual household survey about social economic issues and political attitudes conducted by CRRC.
Country: Armenia
Fieldwork Dates: November 2 2012 to November 29 2012

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